'vei:ta | icelandic for to give, to grant

Customer Centric Order-to-Cash

The established Order-to-Cash processes no longer meet the expectations of today's customers and employees.

You seek a solution that helps you provide a great customer experience and that eliminates repetitive, manual tasks associated with the management of accounts receivables.

You want to provide your customers with a cloud-based self-service portal where they can review invoices and request qualified support from your finance team if needed.


Our Mission

We empower businesses to streamline collection processes – eliminating workloads before they accumulate instead of just managing tasks.

With Veita, we develop a customer centric Order-to-Cash solution that contributes to a better customer experience and supports your business in increasing liquidity as well as reduce collection costs.

Join us to rethink collection management and Order-to-Cash!

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Innovation is team sport!

Here at Veita, we are a team that stands together to explore, discover and drive innovation. We have a strong sense of determination, support each other in the face of challenges and celebrate our successes. Our team is talented and diverse. We are commuters and city dwellers, moms and dads, dog lovers and cat lovers, Generation X and Millennials. We may be different, but we are all united in bringing Veita's vision to life.
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