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Veita integrates invoices, payments, and customer communications in one place, making effective accounts receivable management a breeze.
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Your advantages using the Veita platform:

Veita CollectionS

No more overtime due to open invoices

No more Excel spreadsheets. With Veita, you can easily send personalized reminders and get customers to pay you on time.

Save time

Veita is your central repository for all matters related to invoices and customer payments.

Integrate all information

Track all your customers, ivnoices, and payments in Veita

Send smart reminders

Use effective templates and call scripts to send emails and contact your customers


Leverage rule-based workflows

Every customer is unique. Use Veita's workflow editor to define individual collection strategies based on open balance, customer group, or custom metrics.

Plan actions

Define when your customers will be contacted, how and by whom

Customize workflows

Create separate workflows to treat customer groups differently


Keep your team up to date

Easily share relevant invoice information with your colleagues from sales and finance.

Leave comments

Use comments to inform your colleagues about updates in a customer account

Assign actions

Assign open actions to the responsible team members
Veita Analytics

Understand what is going on in your receivables

Use Veita's dashboard and lists to analyze your accounts receivable and make better collection decisions.

Monitor your progress

Track your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and the effectiveness of your receivables management.

Customer analysis

Monitor all your customers, invoices, and payments in Veita

Real-time KPIs

Stay up to date - always know how your receivables are changing


Keep an eye on your customers

Drill-down into customers and invoices to understand which receivables are at risk

Aging reports

Analyze your open balance and the impact of your collection strategy


Filter by customer, invoice, or AR team to identify opportunities to improve collection

Prepare for the future

Use Veita's reports and forecasts to track cash flows and glance into the future

Cash flow forecasts

See at a glance when you can expect outstanding customer payments

Payment promises

Allow your customers to share information about upcoming payments with you


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