IT security and data privacy

Your data are in safe hands with us

The security and integrity of your data are very high priorities for us. We offer you the highest security standards and support you in meeting your GDPR requirements.

Our Employees & Service Providers

  • All employees are contractually bound to protect confidential data.
  • We enter into confidentiality agreements with service providers.
  • Employees receive regular training on security-related topics.

Our Infrastructure

  • All servers are hosted by AWS at locations in Germany.
  • All data centres are ISO 27001 certified and offer a world-leading security standard.
  • The data centres are protected by guards, video surveillance, alarm systems, emergency power supply, security protocols, authentication rules, etc. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • All data is encrypted in transit using TLS protocols.
  • At rest, sensitive data is encrypted using a key algorithm (AES-256).

Our Data Centers

  • All data is stored in redundant and encrypted form.
  • Automated backups prevent data loss in exceptional situations such as hardware failure or natural disasters.

Our Insurance Partner

  • To supplement our organizational and technical security measures, we have concluded comprehensive insurance policies with the specialist insurer Hiscox.
  • A liability insurance policy covers property damages while an additional cyber insurance policy covers risks from attacks by third parties as well as cybercrime. We adjust the liability amounts on a regular basis to reflect our business development.

Data Protection Q&A

Is my data safe with Veita?

Veita makes use of various measures to protect your data. We ensure that our infrastructure is secure, redundant, and reliable.
All data is stored in encrypted form and transmitted via secure connections.

Where are Veita's servers located?

To operate Veita we only use our own servers in the German data centre (Frankfurt) of Amazon Web Services.
The data is stored encrypted within our own private cloud (VPC) and is not accessible to third parties.

Who owns the data submitted to Veita?

Each customer owns and controls their own content that is submitted to Veita. Veita processes your data on your behalf. There is no use or further processing of your data for other purposes. Further information on the handling of your data can be found in our data protection declaration.

Does Veita conclude contracts for commissioned data processing?

Personal data may be processed when using Veita. We will provide you with a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) including all legally required attachments so meeting your GDPR requirements will be a breeze.
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